Have you ever considered hiring a career transition company for your employee that’s not ready to move ahead to another company? Or how about hiring a freelance career transition coach? Many companies nowadays consider hiring someone to help their employee to prepare him/herself for work environment change as well as the job position change, but many aren’t sure whether to hire an entire company or a freelance coach. Which one is better and why? We’ll answer with several quick examples.


Quality Coaching

Changing a company and position that your employee is comfortable with is usually not easy to do. Big companies and businesses tend to help their leaving employees with the transition change. By bringing a career transition company to help, your employee will have various benefits. First of all, an entire team of professional coaches will secure that every part of training is covered thoroughly while not stressing your employee too much. Hiring a freelance career transition coach as much as it will be cheaper, might not bring the desired outcome. A freelance coach usually works alone, and one-on-one consultations with your employee can last for hours and days more. A freelancer needs to collect all the information about the company the employee is about to leave, gather information about the company your employee is going to, and collect all the data about the employee himself. A single coach has a lot of work to do, which requires a lot of time for one person and therefore, it’ll be more costly. Secondly, your employee would feel much lighter if several different coaches conduct the training. It will give him/her time to relax and think straightforward while attending the training with one person tend to be overwhelming and tiring.



Career transition company usually offer service packages at a specific cost, while freelance coaches typically charge by the hour or per day. While a freelance coach works alone and if several employees are in career transition group, it’ll take much more time and effort to prepare them all to what’s coming. While career transition company uses entire teams of experts to help your employees to quickly and easily transition through the jobs.