There is a true miracle that takes place during pregnancy and birth, and we don’t often give ourselves the appropriate space to appreciate the journey, so much as the end result. There is an incredible joy that comes with the process; labor and delivery is the most human experience we have, and it can be vitally important to connect with the right birth team, who can help document this momentous change.


Here are our best tips for working with a birth photographer.


1,  Ask questions


What kinds of births have your photographer attended? Are they comfortable with an emergency C-section or documenting some of the more specific, detailed aspects of your birth journey?


This is an amazing time in your life, and a marker for change. Ask your photographer what motivates them, and brings them joy in the journey. Alignment around this process is so vitally important to building a strong connection, which will easily translate as you enter into the birth process.




  1. Anticipate love


So many go into their births with a goal of looking a certain way, or carrying one’s body through pain as though they can easily control what to experience and how. Anticipate that the experience might be unexpected or challenging, but pursue joy. You will look tired and exhausted, but anticipate a baby on the other side of the struggle. These photos may not capture you in moments of manicured bliss, but they are there to tell the truth, and showcase the moment you met one of the great loves in your life for the first time.



  1. Remain present


This is not a time for you to be concerned with details which are out of your control; there is one objective here, and allow that to be your focus: a safe delivery.


The goal of a birth photographer is to accurately document the process, and pick up on the countless small details of the day that you might have otherwise missed. Consider this a gift to yourself, not even that you can later view and remember, but that you can look back at these photos and experience your own strength.


Choose to fully engage in the process, in the pain and in the journey, and allow others to take care of the details for you; to notice the small things that you never would have even seen. This is your time to be, and give yourself the freedom to fully engage.



  1. Share your story


The most powerful gift you have to share with the world is that of your own experiences. This is an excellent time to share with your photographer a bit about what motivates you and what has brought you to this point. The process of parenthood means so many different things to different people, and we are are given the tools to be empowered and to share about how we reached this particular point in time.


Share your pain, and your victory. It is estimated that 1 in 4 women will experience a miscarried pregnancy; we are still learning about why, and what causes those situations to happen, but they make a successful birth all the more powerful.



We are a passionate team of photographers at The Photography Co in Dubai and we are all about helping others share their birth story in a beautiful and rich way, that shares the greater beauty and wonder of the process, even amidst the mess and the tears. It is our joy to help countless families experience their journey to new life, in the Dubai area. We love our community, and feel honored to share space with the countless other Dubai photographers who are collectively driven to tell the truth about this beautiful, wonderful, messy, tear-filled, and glorious life.