Weddings are one of the biggest days of your life. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends and family who wish to celebrate this momentous occasion alongside you, and finding a wedding photographer can be a challenge, given the weight of the situation.


Here is what you should look for when hiring a wedding photographer.


  1. Style


Each photographer sees the world through their own literal and artistic lens. In the same way that we all have different tastes when it comes to art or food, photographers are hired not just for their ability, but their eye. When choosing a photographer, look for examples of weddings which have a similar theme or style as yours, and work backwards to find details about the photographer who captured those photos. A good place to begin is searching by location – a simple, “Dubai area photographers” google search (or similar) should pull up a list of local options for you to explore.


Additionally, looking for local area photographers can open you up to a number of different styles. While using existing visual media to gain inspiration for your own wedding, look at the types of photos you connect with. It can be especially beneficial to explore photos from your desired photographer, out their portfolio, when working together.


  1. Communication


Communication is so important when it comes to any of your wedding vendors, but in particular the photographer. What types of photos are you most excited to see from your own wedding? What family members are you looking forward to sharing the day with? Share about any special moments and the time those events will be happening, in order to capture what is most important to you.


A good photographer should be open about their prices, and present a contract with clearly detailed terms, including how long they will shoot your event, and what your photography package includes. This should detail specific timing, as well as how many photographers they’d be bringing along, in addition to what they might need from you in terms of timing.


  1. Shared vision


It is important to talk about your dreams and vision for the photos that will be captured, and the best working relationships will bond over a shared goals. If you have specific ideas and dreams that you want to see, it’s worth mentioning them and not making assumptions.


Share the color and aesthetic goals you have, and ask them to show you suggestions that they might have to collaborate further.


  1. Passion and Attention to Detail


Hiring a wedding photographer in Dubai, or photo team should be a working collaboration, and that respect goes both ways. Your are looking to hire them, but they are also looking to work with you. Attention to detail can be key, because so much of life and your wedding celebration will come down to the details that were captured. You’re looking to remember your grandmother’s smile, or the funny moment you experienced at your reception. Working with the right team who can see your passion for your family and the work and detail you pour into making the day special.


At the end of the day, your focus should be on your marriage and the new life you and your family are building together. Connect with the right team ahead of time, and you’ll be on your way to wedded bliss, with a perfect series of photos to document, forever.