Honestly, people are still somewhat skeptical when it comes to eastern medicine. Many medical treatments from the far east are still something “new,” and people in the west aren’t very comfortable with experimenting on themselves. Prejudice is very high, and that’s what you need to break as someone who owns an acupuncture clinic. Your primary goal is to have more customers. Therefore, you must develop a perfect marketing strategy for your clinic.


Brand Awareness

For starters, you must come up with a logo design that will represent your acupuncture clinic, and place your logo on all social media pages, in email newsletters, onto your website, as well as on printed materials. Having a logo that is present everywhere all the time makes people aware of your clinic’s presence. Brand awareness is an essential part of every marketing strategy. Reaching this goal is a must, and people will sooner or later remember your clinic. After that, everything will come more easily.


Digital And Manual Referrals

The best results for your clinic’s promotion comes from referrals. Whether someone referred your clinic online directly on your website or shared a link to your website on some of the social media platforms relating your clinic as a trusted one, half of your goal is achieved. Also, mouth-to-mouth referrals are essential as well. If a new patient contacts your clinic by personal referral from a family member or a friend, you’ll know you’re on the right path, since personal references are the best ones.


Attract And Meet New Patients

People tend to prioritize vouchers, coupons, discounts, and free treatments. In case they’ve obtained a coupon for a free treatment at your clinic, chances are they will use it regardless of the prejudice they have about eastern medicine. When they comb through your excellent website and see referrals from satisfied customers, they won’t doubt coming to your clinic, at least for consultations. The rest is upon you and your clinic.