Cupping is a form of physical therapy that is associated with tier one athletes such as NBA stars and footballers. It is a booming business in the high end or uptown areas but does not do as well in other areas. Marketing is frowned upon in the business of cupping clinics. It is an unstated consensus that a professional physical therapist should let their work speak for itself. In this business, therefore, it may be difficult to go out and about advertising yourself to the world.

Nonetheless, marketing is still an indispensable component of a business. Without marketing, without product promotion, there is no commerce and therefore no business. Cupping clinics in Dubai proprietors should, therefore, find a subtle way of going about marketing rather than a public broadcast.

One of the most subtle ways of marketing disguises itself as education. Giving people information on the uses of cupping therapy, while being a nearly-benevolent exercise, is in itself a way of marketing. Insisting that cupping may be used to, for instance, reduce inflammation or regulate the flow of blood, and relaxation will increase the inflow of clients into the business. This can be done by organizing free therapy sessions for new customers, presentations in local fairs, exhibitions, radio shows, and having a newsletter.

There are many different media through which information may be passed. The internet presents an opportunity for content promotion, email marketing, social media campaigns, and SEO marketing. Local media outlets like radio and television may also help channel information.

Lastly, your business can partner with a celebrity, the bigger the better. This celebrity can post pictures of their therapy sessions at your business. Viola, that is as subtle as it gets.

Being a form of alternative medicine, cupping therapy business can be marketed as a treatment center, a spa, or simply a therapeutic experience. The more innovative your strategy is, the more you earn your stripes.